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Coupon Craze

Exclusive Coupons for the Savvy Shopper

Dan has worked with my studio on several projects, and what you immediately recognize when you meet him is how excited he is to work together to do great work. So it’s not surprising that the results follow. I prize design thinkers who understand how to unite business goals with creative decision-making and technical know-how. Dan’s an exceptional partner in this regard because he’s as intelligent about seeing the big picture for a brand as he is about properly fine-tuning the visual details to support it.

Mathew Schwartz, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, MSDS

Awards & Recognition

MSDS approached me to craft an intelligent design system for Coupon Craze, the former leader in online coupons. After they had gone through thorough branding and IA phases, I came in to translate that thinking into a design. Despite a plethora of elements on screen, I created a visual hierarchy that gives the sense of a wealth of content without being too overwhelming.

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Coupon Craze, a case study by MSDS


Coupon Craze


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Coupon Craze