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A Turn for the Better

Awards & Recognition

Putting a new twist on vitamin-enhanced water, ACTIVATE has built their brand through innovative product design and the promise of “a turn for the better”—fresh vitamins released into the bottle with a simple twist of the cap. We began our ongoing relationship with the brand by crafting a digital foundation that mirrors their innovative personality, while visually showcasing the power of fresh vitamins.

ACTIVATE represents more than just a drink—it’s an action, a transition, and ultimately, a moment. Tasked with creating a digital presence to update the brand’s image, we created a free-flowing site that encouraged consumers to explore the product for themselves.

Upon landing at, users are prompted to “twist the cap,” activating a rich vertical animation experience that guides you through each section with a flow of vitamins and water. As you scroll, a custom parallax effect gives depth to layers of content and flowing water that changes color as you explore.

Using design cues from the new .com, we created a rich tab for ACTIVATE’s new Facebook presence. Vibrant colors showcase the brand’s updated identity, while custom units allow fans to search for retailers, get free samples, and explore the brand’s longstanding partnership with Nourish America.

Ultimately, ACTIVATE’s new digital presence showcases the brand’s unique personality and affinity for innovation—and the possibilities that come with a turn for the better.

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