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Signed, sealed, delivered… I’m yours!

  1. Investments

    Using an investment framework to help evaluate what’s worth doing.

  2. Setting up Windows

    The first few days on a Windows machine.

  3. Opening Windows

    I’m switching to Windows.

  4. Voting for Trump is Unbiblical

    Measuring Trump against the Bible’s criteria for leaders.

  5. Accountability

    A 3-step formula for accountability between yourself and those you interact with.

  6. SuperBooked

    Announcing SuperBooked, a service that helps you find work with a little help from your friends.

  7. Researching Design Systems

    An inventory of the most popular design systems out there.

  8. Apprenticeships

    Apprenticeships are a fantastic solution to bridge the gap between opportunity in tech and those in need of change.

  9. Thanks, Mike Davidson

    Great writing from Mike really brings me back.

  10. Selling Design Systems

    How to convince your boss that a design system is a good idea.

  11. Oil Change & Pizza

    Death to “full service.”

  12. Permission Slips

    To overcome your fears, you need [permission] to try something different.

  13. Content & Display Patterns

    Embracing the difference in pattern types is the key to making a modular design system infinitely more scalable.

  14. Titles are Important

    Don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise.

  15. Interviewing Designers

    Some tips on making the right hire.

  16. I don’t have time

    That magical phrase that gives you permission to brush off the things you really want to do.

  17. Epicurrence

    Epicurrence was the most beautiful, energizing, comfortable, and relaxing uncomfortable experience I’ve had in a long time.

  18. Time for Work

    What’s the minimum amount of time we should be working per week?

  19. Switch

    Dealing with creative block.

  20. Day One With Android

    After nine years of using iOS1 – iOS7 across iPhones 1 – 6, I’m switching to Android to gain a new perspective.

  21. Finished Business(ology)

    The time has come for me to step away from Businessology.

  22. Finding Clients

    Like magnets and archaelogists.

  23. Pricing

    How to start charging for your work.

  24. How to Make a Performance Budget

    A tangible way to approximate how your pages should perform.

  25. Brooklyn Beta 2014

    Celebrating my favorite industry event ever.

  26. Creative Cloud Libraries

    A new Adobe feature for designing systems.

  27. #sketchlive

    A live 2-day tour through learning Sketch.

  28. The Businessology Roadshow

    Learn about the business of design in person.

  29. Get Comfortable

    Some advice about public speaking.

  30. Radio Free Europe

    An open redesign.

  31. Visual Inventory

    A design deliverable for the post-PSD era of responsive design.

  32. On Creative Direction

    A primer on creative direction as compared to art direction and design… and what they all mean in a digital context.

  33. The Net Awards 2014

    How I’m voting.

  34. How to Get the Work You Want

    Advice for anyone.

  35. TechCrunch: A responsive redesign

    The story of the new responsive TechCrunch.

  36. Now with Responsive!

    Two years later, this site is finally responsive.

  37. Progressive Enhancement

    Still alive and kickin’.

  38. How to Build an App

    Creating an app in public. Maybe.

  39. Prequalifying Clients

    Questions, answers, and hidden answers.

  40. SVG Workflow for Designers

    Create quick vector assets with really small file sizes.

  41. The Ideas of March

    The lack of blogging about the lack of blogging.

  42. Value Pricing

    Prepping for the next episode of The Businessology Show.

  43. Leaving Four24

    After just over 10 years, I’ve decided to leave my band

  44. The 2012 SuperFriendly Annual Report

    A look back at one year in business.

  45. The Post-PSD Era

    A problem of expectations.

  46. Design Flexibility

    More about the design process in the public story of a new site for Reading Is Fundamental.

  47. Element Collages

    An abstract way to document design for Reading Is Fundamental.

  48. Kickoff

    The first chapter in the public story of a new site for Reading Is Fundamental.

  49. Circles Conference 2012

    Recap of a great event I had the pleasure of speaking at in Dallas, TX.

  50. Responsive Line Breaks

    A small trick I use to improve readability for responsive designs.

  51. Object Value Pricing

    A barter-style pricing system for web design & dev projects.

  52. Big/Small

    A recent dilemma about responsibility.

  53. Hillman Curtis

    The world has lost one more great man.

  54. Authenticity

    Some speaking advice from Jeremy Keith.

  55. Grok Reads

    A list of some great books mentioned in Grok sessions.

  56. Introducing SuperFriendly

    Today’s my birthday. This year, I got myself a new house, a new (old) city, and my very own design studio.

  57. Farewell, Big Spaceship

    Today is my last day at Big Spaceship.

  58. Sketchbooks

    Celebrating rituals that encourage new beginnings.

  59. What I Loved About Brooklyn Beta

    Hands down the best industry event I’ve ever attended.

  60. Five

    Wow. After five long years, it feels great to have a new site.