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The Posse Foundation

Changing the face of leadership in America

Dan’s a designer who uncovers the underlying elements of your company’s brand. And I don’t mean your logo, your typefaces, your color scheme, but the core things that symbolize the essence of your organization—which he then translates beautifully into designs that go beyond your expectations.

Rico Blancaflor, Vice President, Strategic Projects, The Posse Foundation, Inc.

In 1989, Debbie Bial asked an underprivileged student why he dropped out of college. He said, “It would have been easier if I had my posse with me.” That was the birth of the Posse Foundation.

The Posse Foundation is a nonprofit organization that sends kids to college in groups, or "posses." They have immediate support system and groups of friends, a factor that has led to a 90% graduation rate among kids that go to college in a posse. Employers have also found that hiring students from posses brings them natural leaders and overall hard workers.

This design concept put the students on the front lines of the website. By showcasing success stories, this direction hoped to motivate and inspire the site’s audience of prospective posse members, their parents, and potential donors.

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The Posse Foundation Website Redesign, a Happy Cog case study


The Posse Foundation


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