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A shared commitment to better health for more people. Together.

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GE launched its healthymagination engagement last year, selecting Big Spaceship to define the entire digital presence behind it. We helped GE establish healthymagination as a shared commitment to creating better health for more people. Together.

This required a dramatic shift toward engaging people in an ongoing dialog around better health. Orchestrating a team of partners, we defined the strategic direction, guiding all efforts in creating a broad ecosystem. acts as the hub of that ecosystem, with media-rich features, a portfolio of projects, and the new healthymagination blog. We took the lead on UX, content strategy, and design in launching the site to coincide with GE’s promotional campaign centered around the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The main site is complemented by and extends into dynamic social channels on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. We defined the editorial and digital presence strategy for each platform.

Healthymagination encompasses a variety of ongoing and evolving projects, which we launched simultaneously, including:

  • The Better Health Evaluator, a partnership with WebMD, is transforming the patient-doctor relationship. It’s a targeted dialog that helps people craft a custom set of talking points and questions so they can get more out of their next doctor’s visit.
  • Morsel, a mobile app that makes healthier decisions a part of everyday life. It offers simple, fun, daily tasks that help individuals get healthier one step at a time. Over 20,000 Morsels were completed with the first two weeks of launch, and enhancements are on the way.
  • Sharing Healthy Ideas, a media partnership that makes it easy to find a snapshot of the most talked about issues in health. When people share an article on any of the partner sites, that activity is aggregated into data visualizations that provide a novel way to explore and navigate health content.

As we continue to celebrate the individuals and groups that are innovating the world of healthcare, we’ll be expanding and evolving healthymagination throughout the year.

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